Like all things in nature,
human beings and
organizations evolve.

We’re hard-wired for change, compelled to move forward in our lives and our work.

Hemingway Strategies is a boutique consulting firm that blends management consulting with leadership development to give you a sustainable advantage. We work with teams and organizations that put leadership first. Our cross industry, cross-category experience brings you finely-tuned listening skills, sharp insights and practical ways to move the needle.

Hemingway Strategies is right at the intersection of business strategies and leadership strategies.

Make no mistake. There are many paths you can choose. A strategic, truth-telling partner at your side can help you find the way.

The way forward.




When Life’s a *Beach*, Build Resilience

It is getting gritty out there. And, I’m not talking about the sand on the shores of your imaginary beach. We are several weeks into this unprecedented, home-based world of working, parenting, and coping. This is no longer a sprint, but more like a marathon that...

Three Ways to “Power-up” Your Team

Even with today’s largely virtual work environment, the collective energy of a team is easily sensed by the attitude and general “undercurrent” of mood within the group. While this energetic field is not a quantitative measure, the impact of positive team energy is...

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